Quality Garments

The garments are made with the utmost quality. Care and time is taken so that every measurement, and pattern is individually designed and perfected. Not only can the garment be expected to meet customer’s needs, but also far surpass their expectations.

Personal Touch

Only exceptional and personalized detail is given to each design and garment. Each stitch is stitched with care, precision and perfection. The garments are then finished for the customer’s specific requirements.


Finding the perfect fit for an individual can no longer be accomplished with simple numbers. Through years of experience, not only can we measure correctly, but also seamlessly fit a garment to uniqueness of each clients shape. This is accomplished by taking into account the individual’s posture, shoulder incline, and numerous other aspects of the person’s form.

What Clients Say

Clothes don't make the man, they complete him.

Butch David

Fashions fade, style is eternal

Yves Saint Laurent

Make it simple, but significant.

Don Draper

Elegance is not standing out, but being remembered.

Giorgio Armani

Perfect fit. Well done again my friend, 2 strikes, bases loaded and you hit it out of the park. Superb. I am all set for my interview/close the job meeting. I could not be better armed and not a moment too soon. Thank You Butch.

D.E., Pittsburgh, PA

Lawrence David (known to everyone as Butch) has always had a passion for luxurious fashion, which was fostered by a career as an accomplished apparel manufacturer shortly after college. Butch ventured off the apparel track for a few years to pursue a career in finance, only to return to the fashion industry once realizing that his interests were truly seeded in the Men's Luxury arena.

In 2004 Butch acquired a 15-year old Custom Tailoring operation from Martin Lewis, whose reputation at that time was considered among the finest in custom men's apparel. Butch renamed the company LD Custom Apparel, and has continued the same tradition of offering products that meet impeccable standards while emphasizing personal attention, meticulous detailing, and quality craftsmanship. Butch David is a distinguished Board Member of the Custom Tailors and Designers Association (CTDA) and the only designated Master Custom Designer (MCD) in New York City.

Butch's clientele includes an interesting mix of individuals from the finance industry, the field of law, senior business management, as well as from other professions where impeccable and elegant wardrobing is essential. They rely on Butch because he offers highly skilled custom tailoring, and his expertise and impeccable sense of style makes the selection process quite easy to navigate.

LAWRENCE DAVID CUSTOM APPAREL is one of the best resources for the discriminating gentleman who is looking for impeccable wardrobing.

Custom Linings

Custom Linings

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The Modern Double-Breasted

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Is your commercial laundry ruining your collars?

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The Perfect Sportcoat

The Perfect Sportcoat

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Summer Tip #6

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We offer some of the finest Made to Measure and Custom Clothing available in North America. With many years of experience in the tailoring and clothing industry, our business brings together the finest garments, an incomparable level of quality service and an unbeatable value. Our expertise is in working with clients to custom design and fit garments that complement their lifestyle.

As a custom clothing company, we always aim to satisfy above and beyond your expectations. We are committed to unparalleled product quality and a unique experience for each client.


Custom clothing is made to your measurements, your form, and your posture. Our professionally trained clothing consultant will take extensive measurements to design a garment that fits you perfectly.


Your body is unique and so is your style. Choose from thousands of fabrics in different weights, patterns and qualities and they are available in your size. Your custom tailored garment will be as individual as your own signature. There will be none like it anywhere.

The Details

Featuring details such as hand felled under collar, hand sewn button holes, and a hand topped waistband with pleated curtain.



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